Build landing pages easily with SpiralX

If your running a marketing or advertising campaign online, the landing page is a critical point closing on those leads. If you don’t know already, the landing page is the destination page after a user clicks on a link from your email or online ads.

Unlike a typical website experience which should be designed to encourage your users to click around, your landing page should be focused on one task or goal. Often referred to as the Call To Action (CTA).

Because landing pages are solely focused on CTAs, it makes them one of the best tools available for increasing conversion rates on your campaigns. In turn, this helps lower your cost of acquiring a lead or sale.

SpiralX has a built in landing page library

To give you more tools and help you create landing pages faster, we created a dedicated library of over 50 landing page templates. You can access them from the visual page builder by clicking “Add Template” and type in “Landing.”

Pick your favorite and start customizing!

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